Mamont Station

Mamont Station

Mamont Station is located in Washington Township, Westmoreland County, PA. Natural gas from off-site wells is brought in via pipeline to be compressed and dried prior to being piped off site. The site is comprised of four (4) natural gas fired reciprocating compressor engines, two (2) dehydration units, and supporting process equipment and emission control devices including tanks, emergency generator, emergency vent stack, truck loadout appurtenances, and associated pipeline pigging chambers.

Upwind and downwind air quality monitoring equipment measuring PM2.5 (particulate matter) and VOCs known as BTEX was installed within 500’ of the well pad.

The prevailing wind direction for this region is from the southwest. CNX positioned the PM2.5 monitors such that one would be subject to winds from upwind of the well pad and the other would be in the path of wind traveling across the well pad (downwind). BTEX data coming soon.

Follow this link to see more information on CNX methane emission monitoring and mitigation efforts.

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